About US

Basetel Concept Services Ltd. (BCS) is a Nigerian  Engineering Company, specializing in engineering, procurement and construction, water resources management,   industrial, environmental and infrastructure plants and/or facilities on a turn-key basis in worldwide markets.

Basetel Concept Services Ltd. offers the following services;
  • Provides full range of engineering services including design, procurement, construction, facility operation, and management.
  • In the fields of petrochemical plants, gas plants, fertilizer plants, power plants, electronics/food/automobile plants, IT, steel mills, LNG, wastewater treatment, disposal of waste materials, railway and infrastructure.

Basetel Engineering is maximizing its competency in tandem by establishing global network so that we may sharpen our worldwide competitive edge. We are also beefing up our management in the areas of technology, project control, construction and procurement while building much closer strategic ties with leading competitors.
Upgraded to a global management system while our entire infrastructure and overseas network are geared toward global sourcing, and active globalization is pursued to bring forth better project execution overseas.

Basetel Engineering is going one step further by building enWiz, a knowledge management system capturing wide-ranging information from simple ideas and technological information to domestic/foreign data and best practices, so that we are able to open up a single-stop service of registration, search and access to knowledge and data, which certainly takes us closer to achieving our goals.

We go all the way to provide the best service available. We are a company that was founded on a simple idea, honesty and hard work. We believe these are the foundations of a successful business.

Our vision is to ensure that our services are delivered to obligations to customers within legal requirements and through utilizing company experience and best practices.

Our mission is to offer our customers in and around the Country exemplary service built on a foundation of honesty, education, certification, and high ethical standards.